Changing DEV from SQLite to MySQL

The last few weeks I had quite a few problems with SQLite – whenever I was updating the database using threads (so multiple connections at the same time), fairly frequently a database access error would show up.

Regular usage was fine, no problems, and before I had less than 15 keywords to scan which worked fine as well. Even so, there really shouldn’t have been a problem, as I used the same number of threads to access the database.

The problem might even lie in the interaction between Dropbox, which I use to store my development work and the sqlite database in there as well.

So to solve the problem and because at some point I do need to switch over, I set up a local MySQL database and connected to it. Works fine, and seems to be heaps faster to process the returned data.

So far so good, I don’t seem to have any connection problems any more. And the MySQL Workbench to analyze your schema and tables and user accesses is a joy to work with !

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