Twitalytics Update, November 2010 (2)

I just did an update to Twitalytics (or Twita for short).

What’s changed:

  • Redid the search screen and added an autocomplete (jquery-ui) to the inputfield when you type something in the search field. The drop-down will show you the list of similar keyword queries other users are running.
  • Rearranged the search screen so it’s more intuitive to select languages
  • A first relook at the results that are shown after entering the search words: ugh! I need to redo this screen ! Tweaked the buttons already.
  • Added some spiffy graphic icons to the keyword overview table ! The icon set is called ‘flavour-extended‘ by Olivier Twardowski and I found them via a post in Smashing Magazine.
  • I tweaked the header and the footer section so that they take up less space.
  • The keyword table which currently resides under “My Profile” now also shows the languages you selected.

I’m starting to notice some slowness entering the system – I’ll need to optimize my queries, I am thinking about moving some of those which are tweep-related (twitterers, users who send tweets) to another cron-job so it is done once-a-day.

That’s it for now !

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