Twitalytics Update, December 2010 (1)

First of december's overview of tweets about #LeWeb

Some more updates and changes for twitalytics :

In general:

  • I did some more styling changes in the css, hopefully you’ll find them pleasing or at least ok.

Keyword Page:

  • The “Today” button on the keyword page did not work correctly – this is now fixed.
  • Instead of the “All” button, which lost it usefullness some time ago when keywords started having more than a few hundreds of tweets, I’ve added a “Yesterday” button. This means you can go back into the database day-by-day. I’m wondering if I need to add a graph for each days activity (I think yes).
  • The layout of the tweets in the table below the graphs has been rearranged : before you could only order the tweets on language, now you can also order on authorname.
  • Behind the authorname is sometimes a (+). This means that there is information about this author in the database, and clicking on the authorname will show you a dialog box with info on the user and the keywords he is tweeting about (if more than one). There’s also a link to his twitter profile. If there is no (+) you are directly linked to this online twitter profile.
  • Tweets are by default shown chronologically – the date has been moved to the far right column, in small font so you can still verify this.
  • The tweets are now presented with a bit more whitespace around them.

Adding A New Keyword:

  • When you add a new keyword, and it doesn’t exist already, a first update is made immediately for that keyword – you no longer have to wait until the hour strikes before seeing results !
  • todo: rework the results page when searching for a keyword : it is still my very first attempt of a page, and looks hideous to me now.

My Profile :

  • this now only contains your profile information
  • to be added :┬á a way to update your profile information with a new email, etc. (this might take a while!)

Reports :

  • this now contains the statistics about the keyword and the users tweeting about them
  • it shows keyword + language + number of users tweeting about this keyword

In the backend I’ve also now started using the mailer python module, which is a wrapper that allows you to send mail easier – instead of trying to suss out how smtplib expects it’s parameters for each type of mail, I can just supply them to mailer, and it does the rest ! This’ll open up some new possibilities of alerting in the future.

For example, an e-mail alert when the average threshold has been reached or bypassed on a certain day would be interesting !

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