Quick update

I just updated Twitalytics to the latest dev-code.

First of all, I’ve changed javascript libraries completely now to jqplot. A first improvement is that you can now see the values of each datapoint when mousing over it, although there is an annoying  comma behind each figure (but it shows and works !).

I can now also create other types of charts (pies ! bars ! others !) and trendlines, although getting jqplot trendlines to work apparently involves some magic which I don’t know yet. Probably some chanting as well. Documentation on jqplot is in great need of an update I’ve discovered – most of what you need to know is in the google groups and not the documentation.

In the keyword overview screen, I’ve added an green ‘up’ and a red ‘down’ arrow next to the numbers for today and yesterday, which compare to the calculated average and show appropriately. Handy to get a quick overview.

Also a couple new bugs, sorry for those:

  • alas – all arrows are red at the moment – the  keyword history updates don’t seem to run to completion, only filling in results for a few new keywords… this is probably due to me adding additional fields to the database table to keep track of who created what keyword. I’m looking into this to fix this asap.
  • when introducing the language filtering, the results where coming back mixed. thought I had fixed the sorting of the content, but is still not showing the correct results. Second priority.

Update 20101019 :

  • sorting is fixed. I actually returned the results of the db query correctly sorted, but the datatables jquery plugin messed them up – or more correctly, I probably did not set the right settings. Fixed by adding an extra (hidden) column with the reverse date to sort on.
  • Arrows and number of tweets in keyword overview is still not fixed – on my local copy this works fine, so I’ll probably need to redo the db.

Twitalytics sounds nice. Maybe too nice.

Just doing a Google search showed me heaps of other people who also thought “Hey, I could call my new analytics service Twitalytics!”. Plus there is already a twitalytics user out there on twitter.


I’ll need to come up with either a new name, or keep twitalytics and dataconnect.be close together, so people know what they are talking about. For now, I’ll let it be, and mull the possible names it could change to.

A live demo page is now available of Twitalytics.

There is now a live demo page available, showing you what Twitalytics is all about. As the name sort of says it, it’s an analytics tool for twitter.

With the demo page, you can see a basic example (for now) what Twitalytics can be used for:

  • follow twitter keywords (hashtags or just any keyword) – the demo page shows the results for the keyword #nmbs
  • every hour I scan twitter for these keywords and store the tweets about those keywords in a database
  • you get a graphical overview of the last 60 days of daily traffic (aka tweets per day) for this keyword
  • and you can see the last 30 tweets for this keyword.

The idea is that you can follow more than one keyword or search phrase, and while you can get ‘live results’ from twitter (more live than hourly, certainly) by using queries like these, you won’t necessarily get all the twitter information from the past. And you might be interested to see if your keyword is being more or less talked about.

Once most of the bugs are ironed out and some jquery niceties are added, I want to add more analytics to the results:

  • filter on language
  • adding trend lines
  • how many people are tweeting about this keyword or search phrase ?
  • from where ?
  • email notification when the number of tweets goes beyond a threshold / goes above the avarage
  • email digests
  • upping the number of days I show (how about a year of daily collection) and tweets you can instantly see.

The analytics for twitter are endless… Twitalytics !