Twitter Status Id’s to change to string representation

I almost missed this post on the new status id generator for twitter:

by 22nd October 2010 (Friday): String versions of ID numbers will start appearing in the API responses
4th November 2010 (Thursday) : Snowflake will be turned on but at ~41bit length
26th November 2010 (Friday) : Status IDs will break 53bits in length and cease being usable as Integers in Javascript based languages

I just checked my tables – Oef ! On first look, I already store my status id’s as text… šŸ™‚

Plus of course I’m using Python, not Javascript… but it never hurts to check.

Trendlines for JQPlot are working !

At last I’ve got trendlines working ! And wouldn’t you just know it, it was just a small change that needed to be done, but the documentation is a bit old for jqplot it seems.

Mind you, I completely understand – if I understand correctly, this is just one programmer who is creating and maintaining this. His project is quite a lot bigger than mine, and I already have trouble following up and dealing with all the bugs my users find in a timely manner, let alone implement the (welcome!) suggestions on how to improve the site.

Anyway, for the record: to get trendlines to work in jqplot, you need to:

  • include the plugin in your code
  • set somewhere in your javascript part the line $.jqplot.config.enablePlugins = true;

And that’s it ! Any further configuration can be done inside the series section of the config.