Twitalytics Update, November 2010 (2)

I just did an update to Twitalytics (or Twita for short).

What’s changed:

  • Redid the search screen and added an autocomplete (jquery-ui) to the inputfield when you type something in the search field. The drop-down will show you the list of similar keyword queries other users are running.
  • Rearranged the search screen so it’s more intuitive to select languages
  • A first relook at the results that are shown after entering the search words: ugh! I need to redo this screen ! Tweaked the buttons already.
  • Added some spiffy graphic icons to the keyword overview table ! The icon set is called ‘flavour-extended‘ by Olivier Twardowski and I found them via a post in Smashing Magazine.
  • I tweaked the header and the footer section so that they take up less space.
  • The keyword table which currently resides under “My Profile” now also shows the languages you selected.

I’m starting to notice some slowness entering the system – I’ll need to optimize my queries, I am thinking about moving some of those which are tweep-related (twitterers, users who send tweets) to another cron-job so it is done once-a-day.

That’s it for now !

Sometimes a self-imposed time limit helps you.

I usually do my most productive work on the 45 minutes trainride to work – in fact, I am writing the intro to this blog post right now while sitting on the train, surrounded by people.

Probably it has got something to do with the fact that my time is constrained to just the time until I arrive in Brussels-Noord, my work destination. Also since I had a night of sleep, I’m usually fresh on what to program – after a good night’s sleep, my head is clearer.

Sometimes something I wrestled and tussled with some python code for 2 hours the night before suddenly becomes clear in the morning, and in 15 or 20 minutes or so I can implement and tweak and test it.

Great (what did I say ? GRRRREAT!) satisfaction is reaped from getting things to work just when the trains rolls into the station.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I took the train to the coast – would I be as productive or would I just do the same amount of work in more time ?